Gran Canaria has the busiest airport in the Canary Islands

ABOUT TRAFFIC: The busiest day in the week is saturday, Gran Canaria has the busiest airport in Canary Islands and is the 5th busiest airport in Spain, with 170 flights on saturday in summer and 270 or higher in winter on saturday too, sometimes having more traffic than Malaga or Palma de Mallorca. The best days for spotting are monday, wednesday and saturday. Aibus A340-600 comes nearly everday. In the morning A340 arrives at 10:20 and in the afternoon A340 lands at 18:25. We've Finnair Airbus A330 nearly everyday in the midday at 13:25 local time, and sometimes come the Finnair A340-300 on saturday or sunday. For more accurate information about traffic, contact me with on: .

jueves, 5 de mayo de 2011

Afternoon spotting location

For the afternon there are various locations for spotting, for example this one where you can get something like this:

(Many Embraer aircrafts on delivery flight from Brazil to Europe or Asia make stop fuel, like this chinese Embraer 190)

Example on video!

Where is it?

Ver mapa más grande

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